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J. Rod Smith provides appraisal services in the field of Natural History, Taxidermy and Zoological Artifacts. His professional designation is in the field of Personal Property/Taxidermy. He holds membership in the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA) Founded in the Year 1904. After undertaking long-term and intensive studies in appraisal principles, and passing thorough examination on the theory and practice of professional appraising and ethical standards, J. Rod Smith attained the highest level of recognition CAGA can bestow: CAPP – Certified Appraiser of Personal Property. CAGA requires written examinations in appraisal ethics, principals of appraisal standards, and in the designated field. CAGA requires re-certification every five years.

An appraisal is performed for a stated and specific purpose, i.e. insurance, estate, donation, equitable distribution, because the value may vary with the purpose. It consists of on-site examination, if possible, authentication or identification, research of comparable items and their values in the appropriate market, analysis of values and value conclusions – all contained and summarized in a formal document.

Personal property appraisers are not licensed, do not need to belong to an appraisal organization and anyone may call himself an appraiser. But the field of appraising has undergone dramatic changes during the recent years, with insurance companies, law firms, courts, museums, and most importantly the IRS selecting from a field of qualified appraisers. If you are looking for an appraiser, find out which appraisal organization the appraiser belongs to, if testing, accreditation and requalification are required, and if the appraiser follows the guidelines and standards of USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice).

The training for each CAGA member is required to complete, includes the uniform standards of personal property appraisal practice and appraisal report writing. Special areas of emphasis in training include Internal Revenue Service appraisal requirements, estate and gift appraisals, charitable donation appraisals, bankruptcy appraisals, insurance appraisals, appraisals for divorce, and casualty loss appraisals. Also presented during the two-day certification course is our courtroom expert witness seminar with special emphasis on appraisals for courts and testifying in court.



The Certified Appraisers Guild of America confers the professional membership designation CAGA to recognize the completion of the appraiser’s certification education. Members are professionals who have completed the certification process.

In addition, the members have made a commitment to the Certified Appraisers Guild’s Code of Professional Ethics and to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

Clients include individuals, insurance and moving companies, banks, estate managers, trustees, attorneys, investors and museums.


Founded in the Year 1904
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